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Divorce is a complex process and a divorce Pretoria attorney is uniquely proficient as they specialise in cases of divorce. Contested divorce is where spouses of marriage cannot agree upon the rudiments of their separation. In some cases it may be that one spouse does not wish to divorce. In this occurrence it should be understood that opposing a divorce action cannot stop it from happening. The court may delay the divorce action to see if the spouse cannot reunite but ultimately it cannot stop the divorce from happening and being confirmed. Other areas of disagreement in contested divorce may be children or assets. Where the care and custody of children are undecided, other professionals may need to step in. with this it should be understood that contested divorce is the most affluent way of divorce and can take years to achieve. In any event, where contested divorce is a matter of fact, it will need the close care and practice of a professional. Contested divorce cannot be resolved through the DIY or online channels. These selections are only obtainable to uncontested situations. Consult a divorce Pretoria attorney for assistance.

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